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merry christmas

  1. American_Jihad

    Liberals can’t win, no matter what they do.

    WTF are the libtarts going to do...NOW that's original,lol... After Liberals Bullied, Young Trump Inaugural Singer Jackie Evancho’s Christmas Album HIT NUMBER ONE! Culture By Amy Moreno December 26, 2016 Liberals can’t win, no matter what they do. Even when they bully young girls, it...
  2. Hugo Furst

    CDZ I hear the pitty-pat of

    large feet coming in the door, so I guess my family has come to eat me out of house and home. Y'all enjoy your day
  3. MindWars


    To all who stop by have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.............. for those who don't believe in celebrating well I guess move along and be happy for whatever.

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