mental disability

  1. justinacolmena

    Social Justice Warriors at the Department of Justice

    Amended Definition of “Adjudicated as a Mental Defective” and “Committed to a Mental Institution” (2010R-21P) 18 U.S. Code § 922 - Unlawful acts Not only does this violate the Second Amendment, but it violates the Thirteenth Amendment as well, because an adjudication as a mental defective...
  2. anotherlife

    How to beat up women?

    I have spent time with a brutalized girl and learnt interesting things, maybe worth to share, for your thoughts. Also, I could say that this works on children and men the same way, so not even gender specific. Okay, so this is how it comes out. Looks like women's / people's minds are self...
  3. anotherlife

    Does God hear idiots?

    Does God sort out your garbled thoughts and consider what you really mean to pray for if you are stupid? At church there is this mental guy who can never speak a straight thought, well he is mental. The other day he wanted to pray for his sister who is very pregnant and will give birth in a...
  4. anotherlife

    How far are we from the right to die legalization?

    There has always been talks in modern law about the right to die. Is this implemented recently? Some hospices I heard work with it. But what is you are not geriatric, just have other disabilities, physical or mental? Mentally disabled patients are usually homeless, but many would take...

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