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  1. S

    Affordable medical insurance for all?

    Affordable medical insurance for all? “Medicare for All”, (M4A) may or may not be a satisfactory remedy, but I'm certainly a proponent of increased federal participation for basic medical insurance. Medicare was enacted because private insurers would not, or could not, and did not provide...
  2. deanrd

    Republicans looking to cut trillions with an “s” from Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security

    Republicans looking to cut trillions with an “s” from Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security House GOP 2019 budget calls for deep Medicare, Medicaid spending cuts House Republicans offered a budget proposal on Tuesday that would cut mandatory spending by $5.4 trillion over a decade, including...
  3. R

    Around in circles. Is there really any "affordable" personal plans for disabled or self-employed??

    I have been around in circles and I've read so much contradictory information, I don't even know what is right or wrong anymore. It seems like the past 3 years, reality has changed on the fly. I used to be self employed. I paid $200-$250 a months for decent BCBS insurance back in the 1000s...
  4. The Original Tree

    Porky Rob Portman O-H-I-O! Obamacare & Medicaid Expansion

    Ohio is slowly becoming a welfare state & Obama Care is making the situation worse. Ohio's Obamacare expansion has already cost over $2 billion - (2015 stats) In a state of just 11 million people, Ohio's Government spends $111 Billion a year, and much of that spending is on...
  5. KineticBlue

    Do I Really Have to Spend My Life Savings on Insurance?

    Would appreciate replies from people who have dealt with Medi-Cal, or other state Medicaid programs. In re: how poor you have to be to qualify. I'm looking to get a better deal on health insurance (I'm unemployed,** currently paying ~$450/mo on the cheapest plan I could find). I am spending the...
  6. American_Jihad

    BernieCare and Sanders' Lies

    Poor democrats, the big choices you have for president, two losers. Your only hope is someone else stepping in to run... BernieCare and Sanders' Lies How Sanders' proposed replacement for Obamacare will bankrupt America much sooner. February 17, 2016 Matthew Vadum Socialist Bernie Sanders...

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