1. Litwin

    Trump wants to welcome russia back into G7. John McCain must be rolling in his grave

    Trump wants to welcome Russia back into G7. John McCain must be rolling in his grave (opinion) - CNN meanwhile Canada , EU and all other Democratic countries Donald Tusk launches scathing attack on Trump and Johnson as world leaders arrive at G7 what Putler and his criminal KGB have on D...
  2. deanrd

    Did trump go to Japan to avoid memorial day in this country?

    I like soldiers who weren’t captured. Facts Matter: Obama didn't skip cemetery service to attend Memorial Day barbecue in Chicago Would Donald “Bone Spurs” Trump have been booed if he showed up? Remember, last year Trump was in France. And yet every single year at memorial day...
  3. deanrd

    Meghan McCain compares Obama's campaign finance fines with Trump's felonies.

    So I was watching the View and when Trump's felonies came up, Meghan McCain jumped to his defense with: but but but Obama! Obama was fined for campaign finance violations. I checked it out. She's right. He was. But then it got me to thinking, what about her dad? Not only did the...
  4. deanrd

    Is McCain being over eulogized as a dig at Trump

    One has to wonder if McCain is being over eulogized as a slap at Trump. You know how thin skinned Trump is. He must be freaking out and seeing McCain being called a hero and receiving all of these accolades when the majority of Americans find Trump disgusting. Every time somebody gives...
  5. deanrd

    All the new Trump scandals from just the last week:

    Wow, what a busy week from Donald Trump: The Montana speech was packed with lies, but what stood out were the scandals. Trump made fun of women protesting sexual assault by attacking the MeToo movement. Trump insulted Native Americans by using one of their historical figures as a slur. Trump...
  6. longknife

    Is McCain Finally Losing It?

    From VIDEO : John McCain Once Told a "JOKE" About a Woman Being RAPED by a GORILLA And this video of McCain RIPPING apart a woman reporter with an f-bomb-assault simply because she asked a question. This @ VIDEO : Watch John McCain CUSS OUT and VICIOUSLY ATTACK a Female Reporter Who Asks a Question
  7. Litwin

    McCain: Putin is a murderer and thug

    well, great statement from the great man. when Putin well the walls of the Hague, for his crimes ? McCain: Putin is a murderer and thug - CNN Video - ▶ 0:47 9 feb. 2017 When asked about the alleged poisoning of a vocal...
  8. midcan5

    The Liar

  9. Never3ndr

    McCain fights for America

    I've been getting more and more interested in politics, and, as such, have actually started watching some Senate hearings...especially on topics that I am most concerned with. As a vet who has deployed to Afghanistan, I'm obviously pretty concerned with the modern state of affairs with the DoD...

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