1. L

    Manchester bombs in concert: Libya rebels to shared Salman: Trump, Saudi King, Theresa May, Fatima

    Introduction Jun 9, 2017 - Headlines "Theresa May loses majority": An act part of a script exposed long before the tranny casted as scary clown May called for a snap election. More precisely BEFORE the BREXIT referendum, when more than 70% voted to LEAVE while the script is: results first...
  2. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Ariana Grande adds additional security to her Manchester concert

    Ariana Grande Manchester show: All the details of the benefit concert ..Security will be tight at the event, promised Manchester Police Chief Superintendent Stuart Ellison. On Friday, the Greater Manchester Police tweeted that more than 130,000 are expected in the area, for the concert as well...
  3. roypatterson

    The real truth about the so-called Manchester bombing

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