1. FDR_Reagan

    Islamist Iran: Global domination: Latin Ametica plots too

    If you thought it's just: * Palestinian Islamic Jihad * Hamas * Hezbollah * Houthis * Bases in Syria * Militias in Iraq.. Think again: Maduro says Venezuela buying Iranian missiles 'a good idea'. Reuters August 22, 2020. US threatens to...
  2. The Original Tree

    Why America should do Weapons Drops and Food Drops for The Venezuelan People

    If Obama can sell weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels, Interfere in Israel's Elections, Inerfere in The Ukraine's Elections, Provide money and weapons to Al Queda in Libya to launch a COUP and ASSASSINATE Qaddafi, give millions in cash and weapons to The Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Egypt. Give...
  3. AsianTrumpSupporter

    It's all fun and socialism until a country implodes into dictatorship or civil war: Venezuela

    Just a few of the noteworthy items from the video: -It is now more lucrative for the Venezuelan military to traffic food instead of drugs thanks to hyperinflation and food shortages. -World of Warcraft (video game) money is now more valuable than Venezuelan money. Venezuela used to be the...
  4. AsianTrumpSupporter

    The Young Turks try to spin their way out of explaining socialism's massive failure in Venezuela

    Watching The Young Turks is like watching the Special Olympics.
  5. L

    Trump sanctions Venezuela vice president on drug trafficking: El Chapo: Maduro, Mexico Economy Minis

    Trump sanctions Venezuela vice president on drug trafficking: for dummies Feb 14, 2017 - FULL STORY behind these headlines was exposed long ago and worldwide only by one. Introduction - added Jan 24, 2017 El Chapo mock script, which apparently could NOT be pushed any further, finally reaches...
  6. L

    Venezuela mockery: no money to self-print, must have self-generators: Maduro suicide bombs at end of

    Maduro: suicide bombs at the end of the socialist show set milestone for this type of self-mockery. Venezuela: from no money to self-print to must have self-generators Apr 15, 2016 - "Venezuela to ration malls, change clocks, to save power" This episode is part of the series mocking the...

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