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  1. G

    CDZ Do men want many women?

    Are men genetically programmed to seek multiple sexual partners more than women? The answer I think is yes and whoever answer it already put tons and tons of sources. The liberal said What do you think? You think the answer is yes? Hello. Any men here? Or you think that the leftist are...
  2. Pop23

    The questions the left are reluctant to answer. Maybe they fear the answer?

    I have posed this question, in various forms, to those that advocate banning certain weapons and those that want "common sense" regulations and restrictions on guns, and have yet to have had it answered by any. I'll start with the scenario and the question to see if starting a thread on it...
  3. JimBowie1958

    Antifa Members Have Been Declared Terrorists by DHS

    So an unnamed number of Antifa members are designated terrorists, making it more likely that the group will be declared a terrorist group as they are aiding and abetting these members. FBI, Homeland Security warn of more ‘antifa’ attacks Since well before the Aug. 12 rally in Charlottesville...
  4. cnelsen

    Any white person who doesn’t have a problem with being white is a Nazi who deserves a beating

    Q: What do Richard Spencer, Gavin McInnes, and I have in common? A: We’re all Nazis—at least according to the “anti-fascist” psychopaths who’ve physically attacked us on the streets. (Gavin and I fought back—Richard didn’t even have the opportunity, because his assailant fled immediately after...

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