1. S

    Minimum wage rate and labors’ market prices.

    Minimum wage rate and labors’ market prices. Products “Market prices” are affecting by various factors. Enforcement of government laws affecting regarding trade or contracts regarding a product, is often such a price affecting factor. Those using the term ‘market rates” applicable to a legally...
  2. S

    Populism's economically superior.

    Wisconsin vs Minnesota's economy; populism's economically superior...
  3. S

    Teachers' wildcat srike.

    West Virginia teachers are staying out until their government legally commits to their promises. This is among the reasons why many political campaign contributors love imported goods. Workplaces such as factories with comparatively larger groups of employees may be talking to each other are a...
  4. P@triot

    Amazon needs complete automation

    When you consider the following... This is no way to treat employees This will eventually lead to labor unionizing and/or government regulations Amazon (like all corporations) is under tremendous pressure to increase profits from share holders This is a public relations nightmare...
  5. anotherlife

    Marxist economy.

    The soviets and national socialists turned the Marxist economy into a very successful holocaust on everyone who ever owned anything. But Marx didn't go like that. Marx said only, that forcing extra labor out of people creates profits and poverty, plus replacing all labor with machines is a...

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