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  1. Robert Urbanek

    Koreans fear China, not Japan

    China, not Japan, should be considered the main adversary of South Korea, according to a recent conversation I had with my Korean friends. They said recent controversies, like grievances over Japanese use of Korean “comfort women” in World War II, were being stirred up by politicians. Relations...
  2. P

    Kim Jong-Un: A Brilliant Leader

    I made this video which explains why everything Kim Jong-Un does is smart and tactical, designed to keep in power. I'm curious to hear your thoughts and reactions.
  3. cnelsen

    Asian homophobia? Christianity to blame

    Kim Tong Hyung, for the Associated Press, writes, "In conservative South Korea, gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people are harshly stigmatized and struggle to be politically visible, while a powerful Christian lobby immobilizes politicians seeking to pass anti-discrimination laws. That...
  4. Y

    Checking the news every few hours ...

    I have found myself to be checking the news every few hours to find out if there is already a nuclear war in Korea yet. Anybody else share this concern as well? To this same degree? I guess it would take a few days for the radioactive fallout to reach us in the USA.

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