1. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Armed security guard killed by police officer responding to shooting

    I know I am supposed to comment on the article I post, but I'm finding it very difficult to do so since here we are again. Can we at least agree for far too many people in this country a black man is viewed as a threat and an armed black man is viewed only a someone who needs to be put down...
  2. Litwin

    Putin bombed his own people in Volgodonsk in order to came to power, when the Hague takes this case

    Putin bombed his own people in Volgodonsk in order to came to power , when the Hague takes this case? Russian apartment bombings - Wikipedia
  3. John.smith09

    Cop Who Killed a Minor Reaches out to Kaepernick by Giving Him Something He Wasn’t Expecting

    Colin Kaepernick learned a valuable lesson over the weekend, as a father of three, and former blue-collar Chris decided to contact Kaepernick in a very unfamiliar fashion. Amos gained the public’s attention after he shot and killed a young minority after he was sent on a paid leave... Read It...
  4. MindWars

    Michael Moore Donald Trump is gonna get us killed

    Michael Moore Is Blaming Terrorist Attacks That Haven't Happened Yet On Donald Trump Michael Moore is blaming terrorist attacks that haven’t happened yet on Donald Trump. The director railed against the president-elect’s decision not to attend the daily intelligence briefing in a lengthy...

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