kid rock

  1. Ridgerunner

    Disney, ESPN lifts their skirt and shows their liberal bias...

    Apparently ESPN has ventured off into the choice of musicians for the NHL's annual All Star game... According to the ESPN talking heads twitter voices Kid Rock is to conservative for Hockey... ESPN Leads Charge to Ban Singer from NHL All Star Performance
  2. Tom Horn

    Don't Knock The Rock

    Notorious Detroit rocker Kid Rock is running for the US Senate and Pocahontus for one, is taking him seriously. Rat Senator Debbie Stabenow is about as popular as a scorching outbreak of herpes. As a son of the Great Lake State, I will tell you Kid can do it....he's well-known, street smart...
  3. MindWars

    Liberals losing it over what Kid Rock is doing in wake of Trump's victory

    Liberals LOSING IT over what Kid Rock is doing in wake of Trump's victory... - Allen B. West - It isn’t easy being a conservative in the entertainment industry. If you’re going to be a conservative actor, filmmaker or musician who’s open about your political beliefs, you’d better...

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