jewish media power

  1. cnelsen

    This is what mind control looks like

    No, not a conspiracy...
  2. cnelsen

    Whites increasingly hit with 'deaths of despair,' report finds

    The white working class in the U.S. has bucked a global trend of improved mortality rates in recent years as a host of factors including suicide, opioid addiction and alcohol-related liver disease have increasingly claimed lives. A new report published today in the Brookings Papers on Economic...
  3. cnelsen

    Here's what happened when I told a black guy I voted for Trump

    I told this black guy I voted for Trump. He said something about supporting a racist. I said give me one example where Trump did or said something that proves he is against blacks. The guy said it was common knowledge. Everybody knows he's anti-black. I said, no, this is what these people told...

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