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james bond

  1. Robert Urbanek

    Does Putin think he’s James Bond?

    Modern autocrats and despots are often film buffs. Russian leader Vladimir Putin, a former officer of the KGB, the Soviet Union spy agency, may fancy himself a Russian James Bond, an action hero astride the world stage. Putin bears some resemblance to Daniel Craig, the current incarnation of...
  2. WillHaftawaite

    Smersh? Blofeld? nope

    Cancer finally got him Roger Moore, Iconic James Bond Actor, Dies Aged 89
  3. Peony

    James Bond is a Man

    In 1962, the first James Bond movie, Dr. No, appeared in theaters. Based on Ian Fleming’s novels about British secret agent 007, James Bond movies has delighted audiences for some six decades. James Bond is a macho man with an impossible job. He saves the world from assorted crazy genius bad...

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