1. NewsVine_Mariyam

    What Happens to All of The Interest That Accrues on The Money That The Government Isn't Paying Out?

    I read today that approximately 40% of the workforce for the federal government is made up of contract workers, whom apparently are not guaranteed any back pay when the government shutdown resumes. So there are all of these hundreds of thousands of workers who aren't drawing a paycheck, the...
  2. deanrd

    Hilarious! FOX Business News echoing what Democrats have been saying for the last year.

    So right not, I'm watching Fox Business News with Maria Bartiromo and she is talking with Fox experts and they are discussing the economy. It's on right now. They said the economy is strong because of the Tax cuts and the deregulation. But it will slow down in 2020 because of three factors...
  3. xyz

    Trump Foreign Investments and Conflicts of Interest

    ‘A recipe for scandal’: Trump conflicts of interest point to constitutional crisis‘ I guess the US is entering uncharted territory, as there has never been a president with so many foreign investments, and conflicts of interest, including the investments in the US itself. However, that chart...

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