1. deanrd

    You're a foreign country. Trump is president. Would you share classified material with the US?

    Knowing what Trump thinks of our intelligence community. Knowing that Trump already gave away classified material to Russia in the Oval Office. Material that came from Israel. Knowing that Trump invited Russian spies to come and work with our intelligence agencies. Knowing that Trump was...
  2. MindWars

    Obama who ignored isis intel for years hits Trump for flying blind on intel

    Obama, Who Ignored ISIS Intel For Years, Hits Trump For ‘Flying Blind’ On Intel Outgoing president Obama has bombastically claimed that he is responsible for making sure the intelligence community is not subject to political spin, despite the fact that scores of intelligence operatives...
  3. owebo

    Our regular scheduled terror attacks by radical Muslims are scheduled for Monday

    Thanks Obama.... Sources: Police in three states warned about potential terror threat

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