1. deanrd

    Does anyone believe we will get an infrastructure package passed?

    Does anyone believe we will get an infrastructure package? We had enough money to give trillions in tax cuts to millionaires under Bush. We had enough to give trillions in tax cuts to needy billionaires under Trump . We simply don’t have any money left over to spend on this country. I...
  2. S

    Increasing infrastructures matters.

    Excerpted from...
  3. The Original Tree

    Top 10 List of Civil War Cites We Can Bulldoze To The Ground

    I think in the best Interest of The Nation we should forget about The Civil War, and erase enough of it from our memories as possible. We also should remove any and all symbols, statues, or references to it. So my proposal is that we as a Nation begin the Healing with bulldozing flat any and...
  4. P@triot

    There is only one reason

    How can you over spend your budget by $20 trillion at the federal level and billions of dollars at the state level, and still have infrastructure that mirrors left-wing failed states like Cuba and Venezuela? One word: progressivism. The failed left-wing ideology stymies growth, punishes...
  5. P@triot

    Donald Trump: a progressive's president

    The left is so easy to dupe. Donald Trump is a life-long liberal who progressives would worship if he ran for president with a little "D" behind his name. But simply because of that "R" they are rioting, engaging in violence, and losing their minds. Here is a perfect example. Yet another...
  6. Y

    Things that Pres-Elect Trump MAY and may NOT be able to change

    Today's news focused on Pres-Elect Trump's first 100 days. Here are some things that he may and may not be able to change, however McConnell and Ryan will need to agree, and the far right wing of the GOP will likely also need to agree: 1 - Jobs for the blue collar Midwest -- maybe. Trump...

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