1. HaShev

    Dem sponsored Aggitators trying to block revised health care to save health care.

    Fact: the health care plan is not just dying, it's imploding. The same people complaining about Trump failing to revise Obama Care have been trying to prevent the revision by sabotage, agitating and bullying the State officials. False info was spread about the first drafted bill, now the...
  2. D

    It looking like time to take action

    We are getting word from many Trump support groups that our Leader will be sending his own troops, loyal only to him into areas and situations where needed to enforce his Presidential mandates and directives, so-called judges or not. When the liberal troops defending those fighting deception...
  3. D

    War against conservatives...battle lines are being drawn!

    Our leader is advancing the conservative agenda he promised in his election campaign, but now we are hearing about a liberal version of the Tea Party that is out to get rid of us any way they can! It's called "Indivisible" or something like that. Don't worry, we are going to pack the...

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