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icehouse world

  1. ding

    Is the world "better off" at 580 ppm or 300 ppm of CO2?

    If we define "better off" as being more favorable for the benefit of human life, does science tell us that that the world is better off with 580 ppm of CO2 in the atmospheric or 300 ppm? Most people believe the world we live in is normal but for most of the past 55 million years the world has...
  2. ding

    The modern icehouse world we live in is geologically rare

    The world we live in today is an icehouse world. It is characterized by bipolar glaciation. We think of this as normal, but it's not. For most of the past 55 million years our planet was a greenhouse world. Bipolar glaciation is geologically rare, possibly unique. No other previous...

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