1. W

    60 Minutes Story on Yemen

    "We're on the brink of famine. If we don't receive the monies that we need in the next few months, I would say 125,000 little girls and boys will die."... When food is used as a weapon 19 Nov.`17 - How Yemen's civil war has brought 7 million people, many of them children, to the brink of starvation
  2. anotherlife

    The science of hunger.

    Hunger is powerful, even used as a weapon. As in tribal warfare or as in hunger strike, amongst others. But how does hunger work? Why is it that hungry people would even eat bugs and dirt, whilst at other times can do hunger strike and starve themselves. What is the difference between the...
  3. guno

    There is still some kindness in the world

    I don't know were this restaurant is or in what city , but it shows there are still some people in this world who are Mensches

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