hillary clinton scandals

  1. Conservative American

    Hillary Clinton To Be Prosecuted For Aiding Illegal Migrants Evade ICE

    National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd blasted Hillary Clinton Friday for openly advising illegal immigrants on how to evade Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. She’s in for it. Speaking on Fox News Friday, Judd said..... “I’m amazed that somebody that ran for president...
  2. HaShev

    Every Country But US

    See Even Saudi Arabia is cracking down on corruption, this should be a global intolerance. Saudis are carrying out sweeping anti-corruption reforms targeting senior royals and their business associates, who have long been seen as operating above the law. Even the richest most invested one who...
  3. American_Jihad

    Cornel West: Democrats Have Delivered Only Disappointment

    Well someone on the left has somewhat of a brain, rolmao... Cornel West: Democrats Have Delivered Only Disappointment "The Democratic party has failed us and we have to move on." 4.25.2017 News Mark Tapson The Republican Party isn't the only one struggling to find its way out of an...
  4. M

    Hillary Clinton quote shirt

    how do you think these shirts look, get one now if your interested. NEED FEEDBACK.. HILLARY CLINTON QUOTE SHIRT
  5. Jackson

    Washington Post assigns 20 reporters to research Donald Trump

    So where were the 20 reporters in 2007 investigating Obama's hidden past? Where are the 20 reporters investigating Hillary's fundraising for the Clinton Foundation from foreign countries while she was Secretary of State? Or all of Bill's bimbos while he was in office and Hillary was ignoring...

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