1. JGalt

    Mississippi Governor Declares April as Confederate Heritage Month

    Personally, I would have chosen a month with 31 days in it, but I'm not the Governor. "Mississippi Republican Gov. Tate Reeves has declared April as Confederate Heritage Month. The first-year governor is following the practice of several of his Democratic and Republican predecessors, and his...
  2. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Muslims of early America

    Muslims came to America more than a century before Protestants, and in great numbers. How was their history forgotten? [snipped] ...By 1503, we know that Muslims themselves, from West Africa, were in the New World. In that year, Hispaniola’s royal governor wrote to Isabella requesting that...
  3. ding

    America's Christian Heritage

    America's Christian Heritage is indisputable. The second best-selling book in the American colonies was the New England Primer. Five million copies existed in America in 1776. At that time, there were only four million people in America. Many of its selections were drawn from the King James...

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