healthcare bill

  1. P@triot

    Are progressives FINALLY starting to get it?

    Ever since Donald Trump was elected President, the left has been peeing down their own leg. They've are freaked out (not sure why - other than the fact that they buy into propaganda). The upside to it is that they've suddenly embraced the U.S. Constitution. The people who pushed so hard for the...
  2. P@triot


    While I'm still disgusted with the federal government involving themselves in something they have no constitutional authority to involve themselves in - this is a beautiful solution if they are going to act illegally. Literally infinitely better than Obamacare (which, like all things left-wing...
  3. Peony

    Healthcare Memo

    To: Mr. Trump, Mr. Ryan, and certain republicans From: your employer, the American people Re: health insurance bill You’ve postponed the vote on your new bill because it probably won’t pass. This is because it shouldn’t pass. The conservatives are right. There are too many things...

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