1. HaShev

    Dems in Philly putting people at risk with Halloween

    https://www.phillyvoice.com/halloween-philly-trick-or-treating-covid-19-guidelines-coronavirus-cases/ Dem run Philly is allowing trick-or-treating, but urging people to 'be afraid' of COVID-19....whaaat? Is Covid-19 the name of the gang that lawless Philly is gonna allow running around robbing...
  2. JGalt

    So does anyone have their Halloween costume picked out yet?

    I got mine at Goodwill this morning. I'm going as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Nice likeness, oy?
  3. Stasha_Sz

    Halloween Music Thread

    Its that time of year, when ghosties, ghoulies and things that go bump in the night appear. Is that knock at the door another lot of trick-or-treaters, or has old Nob come calling? Start us off with this rendition of the Ministry classic; Everyday Is Halloween: What are your favorites?
  4. Auld Phart

    Halloween ideas

    Had to go to the grocery yesterday, and noted they already have Halloween candy on the shelf. Then I ran across this picture, and thought "Cool Idea". Anyone else want to share ideas for Halloween pranks, decorations, etc?
  5. Anonymous1977

    2nd & 3rd paragraphs at this link detail pagan origins of & what's being celebrated on "Halloween"

    The first paragraph connects October 31 to the following paragraphs...from Wikipedia: Samhain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -

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