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  1. P@triot

    Breaking News: Hackers release NSA arsenal of cyber weapons

    The NSA's most sophisticated weapons have been released with confirmation that the key provided with it unlocks the file for access to the full arsenal. Shadow Brokers appear to be responsible. GitHub - x0rz/EQGRP: Decrypted content of eqgrp-auction-file.tar.xz
  2. MindWars

    Proof foreign governments did interfere in election to help Hillary Clinton

    Proof Foreign Governments Did Interfere In Election – to Help Hillary! Hillary Clinton has received financial compensation from multiple foreign entities Hillary Clinton has a rich history of being influenced by outside forces, yet the media is currently focused on claiming Russia helped Trump...
  3. MindWars

    How America's elections are hacked, missing link discovered

    Vote fraud expert Bev Harris exposes electronic voting machines Black Box Voting, founded in 2003, performs nonpartisan investigative reporting on elections in an attempt to stop vote rigging. You may be wondering what the term “black box” means. A “black box” system is non-transparent; its...
  4. MindWars

    Clinton foundation hacked emails reveal an ethical breach.

    Whoever supports this power tripping cyka needs their head checked. When people know their sources they won't use the poor excuse that source isn't credible. There are those that are and there are those that are not. It is easy to tell when you become knowledgeable enough to know the...

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