1. deanrd

    What Democrats will run on.

    Ah, where to begin: Economy: the White House has released it's own estimation of new massive debt because of Trump's tax cuts for the rich. Add in the tariffs and what you have are the super rich getting super, super rich and Trump's base suffering. And Trump's "fix" is more massive cuts for...
  2. simpsolover

    Every governor thinks THEIR state is the best

    Every governor thinks their state is the absolute best. I feel like this video does a great job showing that:
  3. HaShev

    Did anyone see the Dem WV Governor Speak?

    His suit lapel had suspicious splash stains that were detectable only when the light shined on it. Seriously, what the hell are these politicians doing to get favors for their state?
  4. midcan5

    American Conservatives are Embarrassing

    "By an accident of birth, I fall into the White Guy category. To keep this on a positive note, let’s call it my brand. And that means that if other people with my outward characteristics do dumb-ass things, it reflects on my brand." Scott Adams White conservative Americans have become an...

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