1. J

    Gorsuch condones usurpation of power in Civil Rights case, ignores oath of office

    As we shall see, Justice Gorsuch, in writing a majority opinion, Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia, has perpetuated a fraud upon the American people, embraced a usurpation of power by Congress, and violated his oath of office to defend our written Constitution, In the case Bostock v. Clayton...
  2. deanrd

    Do Republicans really think Gorsuch and Kavanaugh will protect Donald (Mafia Don) Trump?

    I think you have to seperate the ideology from from the justice aspect. Republicans dream of ruining the lives of millions of gays and women. They believe in always being against blacks and other racial minorities. The conservative court sees corporations as "people". And they should have...
  3. g5000

    Chief Justice Roberts Rebukes Trump

    Trump did something unconstitutional. If he was a black guy, the pseuedocons would have added that to their growing List O'Reasons To Impeach they used to copy and paste on this forum a few years ago. A federal judge placed an injunction on Trump's action. So, as predictable as the sun...
  4. HaShev

    Schumer & Warren inadvertantly busted their party regarding Gorsuch

    The whole ploy of the democrats during the Gorsuch testimony was in politicizing the event to take low swings at Trump by asking him about how he feels about Trumps view of some judges bias. ONLY TO TURN AROUND & do that very thing by questioning Gorsuch's bias to Trump not the Law. Chuck...
  5. Y

    Gorsuch confirmation hearings

    The Gorsuch confirmation hearings will begin tomorrow (Monday 3/20/2017). The first day will be occupied by opening statements (speeches) made by each of the 20 members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Then on Tuesday (3/21/2017) the DEM's will begin to pepper Gorsuch with questions. A vote...

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