1. Dan Stubbs

    Look out for Gold and Silver to show a new face. China and Russia are making changes

    Here it comes, many year ago I wrote about the Gold and Silver that was being stock piled in China and Russia. The need to go back to the Silver an Gold standard. The main attack is going to be the Petro Dolllars that the Oil nations use now. But China is not alone. Figures released by...
  2. Dan Stubbs

    Dollar will devalue in the next year do to Gold

    With speculation of Russia and China working on a gold-backed currency, a shift in monetary power from the West to the East seems to be their ambitions. The situation between East and West is exacerbated by recent tensions between Russia and the UK, since the alleged Kremlin poisoning of former...
  3. E

    Appreciation or Depreciation in 2017 - Can Trump Save The Day?

    This is one of the BEST economic collapse videos for 2017 (US & World) I’ve seen. I know not everyone will agree, as the stock market is at an all time high and businesses are growing. Unless the ISIS war expands, more developing countries collapse (Vens) or Trump actually does a trade war –...
  4. A

    The best possible ways to invest in gold!!!!

    Well i am i die hard-investor in gold and have made a loads of money by investing in gold and have taken my life in to another level together. But the problem with today's generation is that they are in a too much of hurry and have taken money making in to a bit of weird way. People often...

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