1. TheProgressivePatriot

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Liberal Lioness of The Supreme Court

    Also known as the notorious RBG, Justice Ginsburg, at 85 is showing no sign of slowing down or letting up on opposing the conservatives on the high court. On Monday, she delivered a scathing dissenting opinion on the narrowly decided labor relations case. Ruth Bader Ginsburg takes off the...
  2. Dan Stubbs

    Bias on the highest Court in question

    Here is a question, that is going to be in play. President Trump is going to, sooner or later, have a case to be decided by the Supreme Court. Ginsburge has a problem as a Progressive Judge because she made a statement as follows: In interviews with the Associated Press and the New York Times...
  3. P@triot

    This is why liberals have replaced the Constitution with the Supreme Court

    The Constitution legally restricts the communist desires of the liberal ideology - and they know it. However, if they can stack the Supreme Court with like-minded communists that ignore the Constitution, and the proclaim that the Supreme Court is the highest law in the land instead of the U.S...

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