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  1. deanrd

    Jeff Sessions jokes about separated families in speech

    Jeff Sessions jokes about separated families in speech Attorney General Jeff Sessions cracked a joke about the administration’s immigration chaos, and was greeted with laughs at the idea of separated families. -------------------------------------------- Of course he laughed and joked. This...
  2. M

    if i was president USA (Funny Must Watch)

  3. drastic

    Fearless Girl VS Charging Bull Video Released

    Looks like someone had some free time and released this animated video of the Fearless Girl VS Charging Bull Watch Video Of Fearless Girl Get Destroyed By Charging Bull Video is there. I couldn't embed it.
  4. Gracie

    Funny/Sarcasm Meme Thread

  5. Divine Wind

    Post a theme song for a favorite fellow USMB member

    Have fun and post a theme song of a favorite fellow USMB member. First up, Hossfly
  6. Ridgerunner

    Jay Leno always the comedian even through crash...

    The video says it all...
  7. S

    The Hillary Trump Riddle!?

  8. Maggdy

    Military Bloopers

    There are some funny situation. :-)
  9. Maggdy

    Funny actions of the children's

    This is from facebook. Very sweet. :-)

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