1. A

    And I dare you God to come and tell me otherwise...

    read it and if you like it, well share it... Why? Cause... ... God REALLY didn't forget something to do if God REALLY did everything, otherwise if God REALLY did forget something to do, we aren't REALLY making sense by assuming that God REALLY did everything and forgot something to do, are we...
  2. Divine Wind

    Gun fun

    For gun hobbyists, not a political discussion of gun control. My latest acquisition for hog/sport shooting: A Hi-Point .45 carbine. I bought my wife the 9mm version and saw this one in the gun store last week while looking at wheel guns. It was the .45 caliber that attracted me...
  3. Never3ndr

    Who Do You Side With?

    I know that a lot of people on this forum are pretty set in their political beliefs, however, I found this fun little website that may put things in a more explicit fashion. I got 84% with Bernie (far higher than I expected) and even was with Donald on 44% of the issues.

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