1. Litwin

    time to invest in Belarusian football teams "league is now surging in popularity worldwide as match

    time to invest in Belarusian football teams "league is now surging in popularity worldwide as match-hungry football fans tune in for live coverage." are you a football fan ? what are you watching today ? "Coronavirus: Why are football teams in Belarus still playing? Belarusian President...
  2. Invisibleflash

    Pigskin Chronicles

    Vintage college football press photos from the 1930's - 1950's (mostly) Crazy gear!
  3. Papageorgio


    Thursday, Sept. 7 Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots, Home team here, Sunday, Sept. 10 New York Jets at Buffalo Bills, Bills should have no issues against the Jets Atlanta Falcons at Chicago Bears, Falcons could make it back to the Super Bowl Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati...
  4. L

    Shakespearen Leicester FC will be very last european football champion at Cardiff, Wales

    From Feb 26, 2017. Transcript from Telegraph's article of Mar 13, 2017 added to Introduction, signaled in brackets. One day later: Leicester finally terminates Sevilla's series of 3 consecutive years winning the Europe's League, entering for the first time the Champions League quarter finals...
  5. Papageorgio

    Who is the Greatest QB of All Time?

    Who is the Greatest Quarterback of All Time? What is your criteria? Over the decades the game has changed and evolved, every era has had their greats. Who is the greatest? I listed 12 QB's not sure if I left anyone who could be considered as a top QB. Make your case of who is the greatest.
  6. Papageorgio


    Who is going to win and why?
  7. L

    Brazilian Football Wonder Team airplane crashes: dropped Olympians reality show remake

    Brazilian Football Wonder Team DROPPED: parallel to french Olympians in Argentina 2015 "Plane Carrying Brazilian Football Wonder Team (81 Passengers/Crew) Crashes In Columbia, Only 6 Survivors": Brazilian soccer team's plane crashes in Colombia; 76 dead Parallel script where Brazil's wonder...
  8. Baranec Stepan

    the mystery of football

    Hello!!! Situation following, Football Association held a series of private events that negatively affected the results of some important matches. Create a group of people that wants to investigate the situation, punish those responsible and put everything in its place. Application has been made...
  9. Papageorgio

    2015 Week 9 NFL Predictions

    WEEK 9 Thursday, Nov. 5 Browns at Bengals Coach has no confidence in Johnny Football, neither do I. Sunday, Nov. 8 Dolphins at Bills Miami will bounce back from set back Packers at Panthers Picking the home team, the Carolina defense will hold. Rams at Vikings St. Louis has the better RB...

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