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  1. JGalt

    Trump Signs National POW-MIA Flag Act - POW MIA Flag Displayed on Federal Buildings

    This is great, Thank you President Trump. That's the flag I get assigned to carry every year in our Memorial Day parade. "The POW-MIA flag will now be displayed whenever the American flag is displayed on prominent federal properties, including the White House, U.S. Capitol, World War II...
  2. W

    911 WAS an inside job!

    That is all. We will now continue with your regularly scheduled brainwa, I mean programing.
  3. Maggdy

    This is Christian Iraq

    This is Christian Iraq : Dedicated to the Christian faith and heritage of Iraq Scary the similarity! I'm very busy, and only now learned from news that the Kurdish flag almost suchlike as the Hungarian flag. This is Christian...

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