1. deanrd

    These Democratic debates will be something the country has never seen before in American history

    Some of the candidates will be twice the age of other candidates. Black women. Multiple women. An out gay man. Hispanics. For the first time, a debate stage for president will look like America. And they’ll be a candidate we won’t even see. An unindicted co-conspirator in...
  2. deanrd

    United Constitutional Patriots investigated for targeting Obama, Hilary and Soros for assassination

    Alleged Leader Of Border Militia Facing Federal Firearms Charges In New Mexico A criminal complaint filed by the FBI states that Hopkins, also known as Johnny Horton Jr., was in possession of nine firearms and ammunition in his northern New Mexico home in Nov. 2017. He had three prior felony...
  3. deanrd

    Donald Trump is a prosecutor's dream

    He surrounds himself with felons. He lies endlessly. He wasn't allowed to build in Australia because of his Mafia ties. He intimidates witnesses. He commits bribery. Is he or isn't he a prosecutor's dream?
  4. deanrd

    Paul Manafort's banker's apartment burglarized last night.

    Manafort's onetime banker robbed overnight: report A onetime banker for Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman who was found guilty last week on eight counts related to his foreign lobbying work, reportedly had his home burglarized overnight and several items stolen...
  5. deanrd

    Heartbreaking. Cohen's father: didn’t survive the Holocaust to have his name sullied by Mr. Trump

    Why Michael Cohen Agreed to Plead Guilty—And Implicate the President A personal turning point for Mr. Cohen was a conversation with his father, Maurice Cohen, a Holocaust survivor. Mr. Cohen’s father urged him not to protect the president, saying he didn’t survive the Holocaust to have his...

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