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federal bureau of investigation

  1. Anonymous1977

    My open letter to the FBI which they have ignored. Maybe their ignoring will hurt others

    I wrote this letter to the FBI and they have given me no response...the possible people in the middle referred to in the letter apparently they do not care about: Greetings & Salutations Sir or Madam FBI agent, My name is Yahyaa (Mr. Yahyaa Waahid.) I am an Agnostic man who has realized that...
  2. Anonymous1977

    The Nation of Islam, the FBI, & the assassination of Malcolm X

    This is a lecture about the assassination of Malcolm X by professor and scholar Zak Kondo wherein is discussed the little known facts that (1)one of the teen secretaries that Elijah Muhammad had fathered children with was engaged to Malcolm X and (2)in 1964 members of the Boston Massachusetts...

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