1. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Scientists give Molly to octopuses, and yeah, it works

    I found this article to be both amusing and informative If you give an octopus some Molly, it'll probably ask for a cuddle. That's what a pair of scientists were hoping would happen, anyway, when they devised an experiment to test the effects of MDMA — also known as the psychoactive drug...
  2. E

    Joys of Living Life Without A Cellphone

    Check it out, someone actually tried what we've all been thinking. Joys Of Living Life Without A Cell Phone
  3. T

    Social Media Experiment

    Hi, I have a request to make. I run these days an experiment with social media and Instagram. The goal is to determine how many followers I can get on this user (themightyweb) and how many likes it is possible to get in one picture that I have laid out. This experiment will be carried out over 1...

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