1. P@triot

    We are literally living Atlas Shrugged

    Ever notice that everything for the "public good" always ends with more power for the government and more capability for their intrusion into the lives of citizens? Ayn Rand saw it coming. No. Not it doesn't. At all. It doesn't even remotely pose a "threat" to public safety. Quite the contrary...
  2. P@triot

    The Encryption Issue

    The encryption issue is one of the rare issues where I genuinely see the case made by both sides. On one hand, law enforcement rightfully states that a legal and proper warrant grants them access to whatever is outlined in the warrant. On the other side, defendants rightfully state that their...
  3. P@triot

    Federal government frustrated that technology is restoring constitutional rights

    It's a sad indictment on how far we've fallen as a nation that James Comey and other are frustrated that encryption is protecting constitutional rights. Those are the people who should not only be protecting our constitutional rights - but celebrating anything that further secures them for the...

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