1. washamericom

    who are you to define love and hate for me ??

    that seems to be a common thread in the democrat political terrorist camp trying to squeeze free speech, for someone else. we are protesting against hate. well who are you to come to my rally and decide for me what is the definition of love or hate. that seems terribly pretentious to me. yet...
  2. washamericom

    natural born leaders

    no, it's not a birther thread, although without Trump that's a big problem. everyone knows the democrats will use it against cruz and rubio, it's the elephant in the arena. this is about being given the gift of leading, from in front. i can't remember any definition of leadership in my entire...
  3. washamericom

    Fantastic Trump rally last night in Vermont !!

    i had tickets but i didn't try very hard to get in. i watched it on the local news feed. i was surprised and delighted at the many, many like minded Vermonters i saw, and their great enthusiasm for DJT. now that our senator sanders is like every other politician as he's wandered into the...

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