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el chapo

  1. The Original Tree

    Another DemNazi Voter goes to jail for killing then stuffing his girlfriend in a suitcase

    DemNazis are having a bad week. First Trump nails SOTU, then crushes his rally in El Paso. Warren is outted again as a liar and phoney, DemIslamoNazism and Antisemitism is on full display. The horrors of baby killing on full display, misogynist libtard art display shows Ivanka Trump look...
  2. L

    Trump sanctions Venezuela vice president on drug trafficking: El Chapo: Maduro, Mexico Economy Minis

    Trump sanctions Venezuela vice president on drug trafficking: for dummies Feb 14, 2017 - FULL STORY behind these headlines was exposed long ago and worldwide only by one. Introduction - added Jan 24, 2017 El Chapo mock script, which apparently could NOT be pushed any further, finally reaches...

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