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  1. Litwin

    John Mackinder "Who rules East Europe commands the World" Heartland Theory/ Intermarium

    do you agree with Mackinder that Eastern Europe is the most important (geostrategically) part of the world? ..... The Geographical Pivot of History, sometimes simply as The Pivot of History is a geostrategic theory, also known as Heartland Theory.[1] "The Geographical Pivot of History" was an...
  2. anotherlife

    Can you be a child of Satan?

    Satan can't directly get a woman pregnant, but what if it manipulates birth rates? For example, in the east of the Ukraine, where there is an ultra nationalistic war currently, Stalin forced the indigenous Ukrainians to starve at a 70 % rate a few generations ago. Then he replaced them with...
  3. anotherlife

    Who are the east Europeans?

    Western Europeans are programmed to know less about their neighbors than they know about their Arab enemies. So, who are east Europeans? East Europeans are the neighbors of west Europeans. Do West Europeans have an idea why all their European wars start in east Europe?

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