1. Marion Morrison

    Before the election in 2016

    Hillary appeared on "Between 2 Ferns", observe: :aargh:
  2. T

    FBI, DOJ, NSA investigating Trump collusion since July and didn't tap phones?

    FBI, DOJ, NSA Confirm a Trump investigation on going since July and they didn't tap Trump tower? What kind of rinky dink investigation was it and thank you Comey for not releasing the info in July, lol. But it has to be the worst investigation in the history of law enforcement, no? But you...
  3. Gracie

    Probably a dumb question, but.......

    Gonna ask anyway. Jihad has been called because we are over there bombing the fuck out muslims and they want us out of their countries. So...here is the dumb question. What if our government had a sit down with their government, and said ok..we will pull out. We will not pull a hiroshima on...
  4. Gracie

    We are doomed. Really.

    dumbest tweets ever - Bing images Just read some of this stuff. This is the generation coming up. *shudder*

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