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drug cartels

  1. HaShev

    Figuring out who's responsible for these missing Children found in Ohio through human trafficking This last week they found 45 more missing children in Ohio, and over 100 other human trafficking survivors. The operation called “Autumn Hope” was in...
  2. The Original Tree

    $30 Billion A Year Confiscated at The Mexican Border: More to come with More Wall

    The Walls and border defenses and security we already have pays for itself. The Wall we are going to build is a better investment than a toll road. The More we can control the border the more The Wall funds itself and generates revenue, REVENUE that is paid BY MEXICO right now. Some short...
  3. The Original Tree

    Blood Money, Drug Cartels, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer

    So, apparently Chuck and Nancy accept political donations from Mexican and Columbian Shell Corporations here in America, owned by Drug Cartels. Is anyone shocked? A little bit of Heroin never hurt anyone right, Chuck, Nancy? Today drug cartels are playing the political activism game and are...
  4. RodISHI

    NWO battles for control with illegal immigration & trade agreements

    It sure seems that some people have a tough time being content with what the good lord has blessed them with. I am not talking about a person who desires to work their way up by building, saving and working and spending their own money to do it. I am talking about the cartels, the banks, the...
  5. MindWars

    Lawsuit: U.S. companies bought millions in stolen oil from Mexican cartels

    Lawsuit: U.S. Companies Bought Millions in Stolen Oil From Mexican Cartels Mexico’s state owned oil company sued and lost against 23 U.S. companies for their alleged roles in the purchase of fuel that had been stolen by drug cartels. The lawsuit further revealed the extent to which the criminal...

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