1. Litwin

    Raqqa: US coalition 'wiped city off Earth', "Russia" says/compared it to Dresden in WW2

    Putin keeps on his asymmetric attacks on The USA/Free world. Can Trump stop Putin´s anti- American lies, and how ? " Russia has accused the US-led coalition of bombing the Syrian city of Raqqa "off the face of the earth" during the fight against so-called Islamic State. ... ....Raqqa is in...
  2. L

    Apparently bombing themselves - Germany 1945 to Syria 2015

    Illuminati apparently bombing themselves - Germany 1945 to Syria 2015: Hitler's Dresden to ISIS' Raqqa Laws of End Times Reductionism commanding illuminati theater: From real bombs to videos repackaged as black is white and videos created with computer graphics. Syria: Computer graphic videos...

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