1. pyetro

    Trump lashes out at ‘Jewish leaders’ for ‘lack of loyalty’ to him: ‘They should be ashamed of themselves’

    Considering all his recent problems, I don't think rants against Jewish people will help Trump right now. Desantis must be enjoying his descent into nothingness.

    Trump Writes Arab History, MSM eats sands of time.

    The most important event in cooperation, security and diplomacy had in Saudi History. It was a fantastic day for Saud, if you were able to catch a livestream of the summit which had just ended as of this post...
  3. W

    CDZ My disabled brothers message to Trump.

    My brother was born with microcephaly 19 years ago if left him with severe cognitive impairment, when he seen Trump mocking that disabled person it upset him greatly enough where he wanted to make a stand. He made this short little video hopefully you guys like it and tell me what you think...

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