1. deanrd

    What is left in the Donald Trump/Vladimir Putin CHECK LIST?

    So suppose Trump really does work for Vladimir Putin. And Putin gave Trump a "Check List" of things he wants done. So what is left to do on that speculative "Check List". We can start with what Trump and the Republicans have already "accomplished": 1. Trump has divided the nation. CHECK 2...
  2. deanrd

    Monica apologized to Hillary. Why Sunny will never apologize to Melania.

    Monica Lewinsky: I would apologize to Hillary Clinton again Monica Lewinsky Says She Would Apologize to Hillary Clinton If They Met Today For one, Monica was an intern and not a porn star like Sunny or a soft core porn star like Melania. Monica probably knew Hillary Clinton. I'm sure that...
  3. J

    Trump Donald's Quacking

    Donald Trump has to be more careful with his tweeting. His off the cuff words go out to the world. Perhaps he needs an editor, who could discuss tweets with Donald and the ramifications thereof.
  4. M

    Hillary Clinton quote shirt

    how do you think these shirts look, get one now if your interested. NEED FEEDBACK.. HILLARY CLINTON QUOTE SHIRT
  5. Fiero425

    RNC Convention A Disaster; Melania Trump Speech Lifted from Michelle Obama

    Speechwriters for Trump got lazy and it was discovered by MSNBC that 22 of 26 words were directly plagiarized from speech from DNC convention given by Michelle Obama! :ack-1: :banana: :321:
  6. Never3ndr

    Give Credit Where Credit is Due, Good on Trump

    Let me be honest, I'm a moderate liberal and a staunch critic of Trump, his campaign, and his "policy" stances. However, I try to remain objective and give credit where credit is due. With that in mind, I felt it necessary to highlight one of the few things Trump has said that I agree with...
  7. Never3ndr

    Perhaps the Best Thing about Trump's Campaign

    He (and his supporters) make for some great comedy. #JohnOliver
  8. Never3ndr

    Accurate German Representation of Trump ... lol

    Well, in case Trump supporters actually were questioning whether or not Trump would be beneficial for increasing world opinion or American influence globally...think again. Here is a float created by the German people of Trump...seems pretty accurate. Original source: Bildschön: Der...
  9. S

    The Hillary Trump Riddle!?

  10. S

    Hillary Trump Riddle?

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