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  1. deanrd

    Trumps GOP support will seem to grow as the party shrinks

    Pollster: GOP base is shrinking I was reading polls from the Brookings institute and other places and there is no doubt the Republican Party is shrinking especially among younger people. The Brookings institute said the 12 million more people have registered as Democrats than Republicans just...
  2. American_Jihad

    The Democrats Rising Stars ,l,,

    I'll put all the newcomer libtarts on this thread. Here is another funny cali redskin hating libtart... THE DEMOCRATS' “RISING STAR” A look at the radical record of Kamala Harris. July 26, 2017 John Perazzo As House and Senate Democrats press forward with their quest to destroy Donald...
  3. HaShev

    Add to the terrorist list?

    Click agree if you think the Democratic Party should now be listed as a Terrorist Organization. Then list all the third, forth, and additional parties that will be created by the split party. I believe Jarod will run in 2032 on the "No Pizza at Subway Party" platform. & Papa John founder John...
  4. cnelsen


    Symone Sanders is a fat black woman who used to be a campaign spokesman for Bernie Sanders—no relation (we think). Bernie Sanders is known for publicly capitulating to fat black women. When Symone Sanders was consulted about who should replace documented liar Donna Brazile—another fat black...
  5. American_Jihad

    The left's collective meltdown over Trump's victory.

    Literally Shaking The left's collective meltdown over Trump's victory. November 17, 2016 Ann Coulter Until the nationwide protests of the last few days, I had no idea how bad the problem was, but our nation is drowning in drama queenery. The immediate reaction of most celebrities to...
  6. cnelsen

    With so many Dems going to jail, party will have lots of job openings.

    As a public service, a practice question on the application for party operative:
  7. ding

    The KKK was formed as the terrorist wing of the Democratic Party

    So when did blacks start voting for Democrats? When reconstruction ended and federal troops were pulled back. Why did they start voting for Democrats? That's easy. They did so to keep from getting lynched. There are 13 Congressional Volumes which detail how the KKK was formed as the...
  8. Giaqomo

    Hilary's America: Fact Check

    Seeking verification of D'Souza's claim: The Big Switch = less than 1% of Democratic Party. Anyone know the facts?
  9. American_Jihad

    How the Democrats Destroyed Camden

    Didn't they also destroy detroit... How the Democrats Destroyed Camden A city's unwavering allegiance to the Party that ruined it. April 21, 2016 John Perazzo A century ago, Camden, New Jersey was a thriving model of prosperity. Indeed, the city was home to 365 active industries that...
  10. American_Jihad

    The truth about progressive racism

    WHat has the left done for people of color but empty promises for a vote... Black and White, Left and Right The truth about progressive racism and the Republican pursuit of racial equality. March 24, 2016 Thomas Sowell Much is made of the fact that liberals and conservatives see racial...
  11. American_Jihad

    BernieCare and Sanders' Lies

    Poor democrats, the big choices you have for president, two losers. Your only hope is someone else stepping in to run... BernieCare and Sanders' Lies How Sanders' proposed replacement for Obamacare will bankrupt America much sooner. February 17, 2016 Matthew Vadum Socialist Bernie Sanders...

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