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  1. P@triot


    Ronald Reagan had to rebuild the U.S. military after it was decimated by Jimmy Carter. George W. Bush was forced to rebuild the U.S. military after it was gutted by Bill Clinton. And Donald Trump must now rebuild the U.S. military after it was destroyed by Barack Obama. This is an unfortunate...
  2. D

    How politics makes the military pay double

    The left wing constantly bitches about our military budget, but here is a classic example of how our own governments "feel good" politics doubles the cost of our military. Note this was done last year under Commander in Chief Obama: Army Aviation Brigade Deploys to Afghanistan Minus Mechanics...
  3. P@triot

    Correcting the liberal lies about the defense budget

    The false liberal narrative is that we have some insane, unimaginable defense budget that is "bloated", "unnecessary", and "wasteful". They of course follow that false narrative up with "take that money and use it on public assistance". And that is why they are lying about the defense budget...

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