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  1. HaShev

    Could Sons of Day actually mean Children of the Era of?

    The Dead Sea Scrolls allowed us to see how words were utilized in their age (days) not ours. "Day" sometimes referred to periods of time as in an era or "age of". source:The Ages of The World 4Q180-181 creation days-the world has gone through 6 ages in creating order from it's chaos not 6000...
  2. HaShev

    Scroll Wisdom to Reflect Upon

    -The Secret of The Way Things Are- 4Q418 Frag. 77 2[ Understand or Seek? ] the secret of the way things are, and learn the nature of man and gaze at the faculties [ and workings or realities for] 3[ What ] has made him. Then you will understand the nature of mortal man and the weight of [ . ...

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