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david bowie

  1. Robert Urbanek

    David Bowie and Donald Trump

    Trump is The Fat White Duke, a product of the 1970s. I stumble into town just like a sacred cow Visions of swastikas in my head Plans for everyone — David Bowie and Iggy Pop, China Girl The Thin White Duke was a controversial figure. While being interviewed in the persona in 1975 and 1976...
  2. L

    Lady Gaga as David Bowie after Viola Beach waterslides from bridge for DUMMIES

    British rock band Viola Beach plunges off bridge in Sweden poster replies: "I'd never even heard of Viola Beach before their deaths". Last Prophet replies; Neither did anyone else until shortly before their "death". And that is as much of a coincidence as - "Jack Stevens", with the same face and...
  3. Eaglewings

    What is your favorite David Bowie song?

    His songs have played for most of our life's so sad, I didn't even know he was sick. Edited to add : You can add more than one song/ video

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