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  1. The Original Tree

    What The IG & Mueller Report Taught America!

    In the simplest terms, I will break this down. 1.) Adam Schiff lied repeatedly 2.) Nunes Memo was 100% correct 3.) Jerry Nadler lied repeatedly 4.) Nancy Pelosi lied repeatedly 5.) There was a plot by numerous Obama Administration Officials to Frame President Trump and remove him from...
  2. MAGAman

    What did Sleepy Joe know about FISA abuse and spying on the Trump campaign, and when did he know it?

    Secretive Surveillance Court Rebukes FBI Over Handling of Wiretapping of Trump Aide Now that the FISC Chief Judge (The court that rules on FISA applications) has slapped the Obama FBI for it's FISA abuse allowing the Obama admin to spy on the Trump Campaign against Hillary, Sleepy Joe needs to...
  3. The Original Tree

    Adam Schiff May Already Be Caught in a Perjury Trap

    Heard a discussion on The Radio, that Adam Schiff was asked Specific Questions over a couple things. The Release of Phone Records and His Coordinating The Fake Whistle Blower Report with The Whistle Blower as well as his repeated assertion that he had clear evidence of The President's Collusion...
  4. The Original Tree

    Is Nazi Nadler Above The Law?

    I can also ask the same of Adolph Schiffler who illegally spied on The White House Counsel, Devin Nunes, and Some Journalists. Are Schiff & Nadler above The Law? Schiff obtained journalist John Solomon’s phone records, and nobody in the media seems to care Adam Schiff Connected to Both...
  5. The Original Tree

    Joe and Hunter Biden Will Be Called Before The Senate Inquisition

    Let the games begin: The Demands will be thus: 1.) Full disclosure of Joe and Hunter Biden's Domestic and Offshore Financial Holdings and Investments for the past 16 Years 2.) Full Disclosure of their Tax Returns for the past 10 Years 3.) Full Disclosures of all of their emails for the past...
  6. The Original Tree

    Presidents have THE RIGHT to With Hold Foreign Aide for ANY REASON

    Don't Let Schittler and Herr Gerry Nadler lie to you. The Executive Branch has the power to withhold and delay foreign aide and make it conditional or change the conditions. President Johnson did this very thing, and he did not ask Congress. He did ask them to evaluate the situatuion after...
  7. The Original Tree

    What The Democrats Should Have Done After The Mueller Report

    They should have thrown their Deep State Friends Under The Bus, said, "Well, now we know for certain there was No Russian Collusion. Let's all get on with the business of running The Country." But, I am thinking because of The WAY they Rushed from COUP 1.0 to COUP 2.0 that They could not do...
  8. The Original Tree

    Russian Collusion Hoax-Ukraine Gossip Game traced back to Obama & Clinton

    President Trump here, gives us a little "heads up" on what might go down with uncovering the plot to Oust our Duly Elected President From Office, and it may lead Straight Back to Obama, Clinton and their Curious and Suspicious Dealings In The Ukraine. I believe that Trump is correct when he...
  9. JGalt

    Why was Ukraine sending $billions to the US, and to whom?

    According to Ukraine prosecutor Lutsenko whom Joe Biden got fired, the corrupt former Ukraine President Yanukovych funneled billions of dollars to unknown recipients in the US. The fired prosecutor managed to return $4 billion of that money to Ukraine and was in the process of returning another...
  10. The Original Tree

    Zaid & Ciarmella Both Most Likely CIA Deep State Operatives.

    There is no real logical reason for ZAID to tweet that a COUP was launched in January 2017 when Strozk, Page, Brennan, Clapper and McCabe had been planning Operation Latitude (The Insurance Policy) since August of 2016 secretly and announced secretly to each other that they were launching their...
  11. The Original Tree

    Mueller's Secret Deal with Rosenstein to Become Special Counsel

    This from the guy who openly said, he'd wear a wire to secretly record and spy on President Trump to see if he could get dirt on him for The Hillary-Obama Cult. Now it's been revealed that Rosenstein offered Mueller The Special Counsel Job far before Mueller interviewed for The Head of The FBI...
  12. The Original Tree

    Hunter Biden: Drug Addict - Ukrainian-Russian Puppet

    There is no other way to describe this disaster of a human being. Joe Biden pulled strings to get him in to a Navy position. Hunter Biden was given the boot over drug abuse. Joe Biden again pulled strings to get him a job with Burisma netting him between $50K to $80K a month, in addition...
  13. The Original Tree

    How The Evil Democrat Party is Trying To Destroy Our Democracy

    If you want to know why THE EVIL DEMNAZIS want to give Illegals Driver Licenses, Let Them Vote, Give them instant access to our Social Safety Net while throwing Grandma and Grandpa off the cliff, are opposed to Border Security, tightening lax immigration law, and WHY THEY HATE PRESIDENT TRUMP...
  14. The Original Tree

    Manafort being treated worse than Charles Manson by New York Bureacracy

    First off, I am not defending anything anyone allegedly did. But Manafort's issues were actually dismissed during The Obama Administration because everything Manafort did in The Ukraine was done for The Podesta Group and on behalf of Obama and Clinton. His issues only occurred when he worked...
  15. The Original Tree

    John Kerry Colluding with Russia & Iran to Undermine America

    Four Former members of The Obama Administration, are interfering with US efforts to reign in Iran and curtail their nuclear and terrorist threats to the area. My guess is the Resistance Presidency aka, Obama Jefferson is directing all the resistance efforts and he should be treated like an...
  16. The Original Tree

    Cohen Russian To Attack The House of Representatives & America

    This Crooked Douchebag who stole thousands of dollars from The Trump Organization sure is in a hurry to get some smears in on The President after being disbarred, and now on his way to prison for laying To Congress....(unlike Hillary). Now that it's clear after several investigations that the...
  17. The Original Tree

    I think America should have a 2nd Civil War

    We have moles in The FBI, DOJ, in our schools, our Courts, and in our Institutions that are Hell Bent on destroying America. We now know The Obama Administration, FBI and DOJ launched a soft COUP and an attack on an incoming President even before he took the oath of office. I really think it's...
  18. The Original Tree

    Was Barak Hussein Obama Already Owned By Russia During His Debate With Romney?

    Let's review: Made a joke about the threat of Russia to America's Security Interests In a Hot Mic moment made a promise to work a back room deal with Putin Gave a Iran, A Terrorist State, $150 Billion to buy Russian Missile technology and Uranium Centrifuges Gutted our military Fired...
  19. The Original Tree

    Fusion GPS worked directly with The FBI on The Dirty Dossier

    Well, there you have it. The Insurance Policy was not only a COUP launched by senior members of The Obama DOJ and FBI, but it was collaboration with FUSION GPS, Christopher Steele, and other Russian Agents on the Dossier itself. So the FBI knew BEFORE any so called investigation in to Fake...
  20. The Original Tree

    Obama Bin Lying, and Hillary Rotten Clinton Will Be Indicted

    Thinking again on this, if President Trump colluded with Russia to win The Election, then why isn't there any evidence of one vote being changed? Why isn't there evidence of money changing hands? Mueller will tell you they all met at The Ecuadorian Embassy with Assange....... Laughable.. The...
  21. The Original Tree

    A Televised TREASON TRIAL is the ONLY THING which will RESTORE the FBI & DOJ

    These people..... ALL OF THEM, involved in this COUP, in trying to RIG the ELECTION, and working Feverishly to Exonerate Clinton, Obstruct Justice, and Destroy Evidence ALL OF THEM NEED TO GO ON TRIAL. This needs to be TELEVISED LIVE and out in THE OPEN, and THE PENALTIES NEED TO BE EXTREME! A...
  22. MindWars

    Only a counter coup can save American democracy

    Only a Counter-Coup Can Save American Democracy -- Paul Craig Roberts - The CIA has long engineered coups in other countries. Now we are approaching at breakneck speed a CIA coup in the USA. -------------------------------------------------------- So will we have to go...
  23. L

    Elecions repeated psy-op: Brexit 2016 v Turkey and Greece 2015: turning "defeats" into "victories"

    Last Prophet's words (revised) from Sep 11 2015, one week before the illuminati "victory" in Greece. In other words: nine months after the illuminati "defeats" in the January 2015 "election" and two monthes after the "NO" to "EU austerity" in the "referendum". Elections repeated psy-op...

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