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corporations and government

  1. G

    CDZ What would hapen if a province, a small town, or a whole country is governed like corporations?

    Let's start with a small town. The people in the town decides to convert their citizenship into stocks. Not much change. One man one vote becomes one man one share, one share one vote. The small differences are 1. With shares, people don't just get more shares if they produce more children...
  2. cnelsen

    Trumpian deregulation...this explains why Wall St fought Trump so hard

    $204,000,000,000 (fines and settlements levied on mortgage lenders 2009-2015) 5,034,246 (US homes repossessed by mortgage banks 2009-2015) $ 40,522 (regulators' cut of bank's profits per home repossessed) Speaking of con men...

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